Head Instructor’s Creed

I will be loyal to the International Karate Kobudo Union. My goal will be to excel in the art and support the IKKU at all times.

I will endeavor to give careful thought as to the needs of our Karate Union and its members.

I will never promote a member to the next grade unless he or she has passed all the requirements.

I will always strive to maintain a proper mental attitude, never allowing myself to think of Karate in terms or monetary gain, but rather as pleasure and a privilege.

I will not issue “Dojo Certificates”.

I will strive diligently to become highly proficient in my art by always maintaining an open mind and continuing my study of the arts.

I will not train my students only for competition.

I will train my students to be well qualified in all aspects of Karate-Do.

I will not degrade other Senseis and their Dojos.