2015 IKKU Karate Christmas Clinic and Party

2015 IKKU Karate Christmas Clinic and Party

Soke Ruiz shown here performing Jujiro Bunkai on Kyoshi-Sei Larry Griffin at the 2015 IKKU Karate Christmas Clinic and Party Event

Jujiro Kata

We had a great time yesterday at the 2015 IKKU Karate Christmas Clinic and Party hosted by Suansu Karate Kai in Dexter, GA. The attendees got a special rare treat as Soke Ruiz taught the attendees a Kata and Bunkai that he’s never previously shared. He’s held this kata close to his heart over the years as it’s been a special piece of knowledge in his huge empty hand catalog of kata. It’s safe to say that Soke Ruiz aka “Mr. Kata” did not disappoint! The Kata is entitled Jujiro and is translated as Crossroads. After the completion of yesterdays event, only 25 Karateka now share this knowledge.

Katsu-Ryu Kempo Demonstration:

Soke Ruiz also allowed for a special unscheduled ad-hoc presentation and open discussion on Katsu-Ryu Kempo. Kyoshi-Sei Ron Downton led the charge with other high-level participants in performing a unique Katsu-Ryu Shodan Kata. Katsu-Ryu itself is known as being an advanced level martial art and this Kata Presentation confirmed the idea. Consisting of 10 Sets of Combination Techniques all meshed together to form what seemed to be a never-ending single and impressive work of art. In Soke’s own words “It takes a lifetime to learn and understand Katsu-Ryu Kempo”.

Following the Clinic was the Annual Christmas Party where festivities including food, presents and most of all camaraderie was shared. Until next year we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.