2018 4th Annual IKKU Weapons Choice Clinic

2018 4th Annual IKKU Weapons Choice Clinic

IKKU group photo in front of the helicopter after a long day of Kobudo

2018 4th Annual IKKU Weapons Choice Clinic

The 2018 4th Annual IKKU Weapons Choice Clinic took place on February 24, 2018. This years venue was a special location at the American Legion Hall in Duluth, GA. The event was hosted by Kyoshi-Sei Larry Griffin, Chief Instructor of Keishin Karate Kai. As usual, this popular event attracted a big turn out of 45 attendees from 10 Dojos. Participants gathered from both Georgia and Florida for this educational day of learning.

This was the 4th successful themed clinic offered by the IKKU in recent years. The format of the clinic was based on a principle of sharing traditional kobudo knowledge without boundaries. Typically a student must show a certain amount of proficiency before being taught more advanced and dangerous weapon. However, this special event allows participants to choose the weapons of their preference. This is considered a paradigm shift from traditional teaching methodologies to earn this type of weapons exposure. Participants were allowed to move from one weapon group to another throughout the day. Sessions included Kobudo Anatomy, Basics, Bunkai, and Kata as part of the agenda.

Kobudo Clinic Morning Session

For the morning session participants choose to ban together to drill Bo Basics. Hanshi Ron Downton, Assistant Director of the IKKU and Chief Instructor of Tora Shin Karate Kai led the morning session and lent his kobudo expertise to the entire group. Soke Joseph Ruiz, Founder of the IKKUU, was present, overseeing the floor, answering questions, and lending his expertise to the group when needed. Following a vigorous Bo workout, the session then transitioned into partner drills. Live partner bunkai was taught that corresponded to our IKKU Bo Combination drills. This was a great session, with Hanshi Downton teaching the finer points of Bo Kobudo Application to the group.

2018 4th Annual IKKU Weapons Choice Clinic

The big group prepares for Bo Basics during the early hours

Kobudo Clinic Afternoon Sessions

The afternoon sessions progressed into smaller breakout groups, all focused on individual weapons. Bo, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kama, Sai, and Eaku were all part of the event and nothing from the menu was omitted. With Basic Kihons and 18 Kata available to the group, everyone found something new and exciting to learn. With the vast amount of ad hoc instructors popping up all around, participants were able to practice one weapon and then move on to another in a sperate group. Small groups were worked both inside the facility and outside taking advantage of the warm February Georgia sun.

2018 4th Annual IKKU Weapons Choice Clinic

2018 Weapons Choice Kobudo Clinic Menu

Once again the IKKU has hosted this successful clinic with no injuries occurring. Not a bad record for the 225+ man/lady hours of weapons that were tallied for the duration of the event. The IKKU will certainly continue to hone and modify the clinic format in order to bring participants the very best in Traditional Okinawan and Japanese Martial Arts.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the Instructors who lent their time, knowledge and sweat to the participants in this endeavor of knowledge sharing. It is these type of leaders that help to make the IKKU such a strong organization. It is easy to see a little piece of Soke Ruiz in all these leaders.

Additional IKKU Information:

For information about joining the IKKU – International Karate Kobudo Union then please visit our IKKU Registration Page. We welcome new members to our organization and have 6-8 scheduled events each year. This will allow you direct access to Soke Joseph Ruiz, founder of the IKKU and other High Dan Instructors from the IKKU.

For a full listing of upcoming scheduled sessions please visit our Events Page. Here we showcase our upcoming Clinics, Camps and other opportunities for engagement with the IKKU.

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