2022 35th Annual IKKU Summer Camp – Highlight 2

IKKU Camp Award Commemerates Shihan Dai Nadine Oka

Shihan Dai Oka Memorialized on the Most Outstanding Kobudo Award

The Most Outstanding Kobudo Award

The IKKU executive leadership board commemorated Shihan Dai Nadine Oka during our 2022 IKKU summer camp banquet ceremony on Saturday, June 11, 2022 by memorializing her name on the coveted Most Outstanding Kobudo Award.

This marks the first time in IKKU history that a female karateka has been recognized and honored with a significant memorial imprint of this caliber. This proving just how much of an impact that Shihan Dai Nadine made in all of our lives and how her passion, love, and kobudo spirit inspired the leaders of our organization.

Shihan Dai Oka, no stranger to a set of Tonfa, had gathered quite a large collection of Tonfa kata over the years as her love for the weapon never dissipated. I personally remember watching Shihan Dai Nadine humbly ask for Tonfa kata for years until she had a deep collection of kata, an expert level understanding of the weapon, and a knowledge of how to handle it effectively in a traditional manner.

In light of recent events it seems quite fitting that Nadine Oka be recognized with this honor.

Most in our organization will have memories of Shihan Dai Nadine at Seminars and Camps teaching Tonfa to groups of willing participants. The youth would soak up the time with her and she would happily drill them until exhaustion. Everyone happy from the efforts of the day would later gather for food, drink, and sharing like the family we have all become.

The time and camaraderie with Nadine in our circle was always filled with cheer, smiles and laughter. These cherished memories will last a lifetime and the Most Outstanding Kobudo Award is now embodied with Shihan Dai Nadine’s eternal kobudo spirit.



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