Anthony Fournier Promoted to Hachidan, 8th Dan

Anthony Fournier Promoted to Hachidan, 8th Dan

Kyoshi-Sei Anthony Fournier shown here conducting a kata riddle contest for his students. Can you guess the answer?

Long-time International Karate Kobudo Union (IKKU) friend and Associate Member, Anthony Fournier has been promoted to Hachidan, 8th Dan and awarded the title of Kyoshi-Sei by Soke Joseph Ruiz, 10th Dan Hanshi-Sei of the IKKU. Kyoshi-Sei Anthony Fournier owns and operates two Fournier’s Leadership Karate Centers in Portland and Windham, Maine.

Congratulations go out to Kyoshi-Sei Anthony Fournier for his well-deserved promotion. Kyoshi-Sei Fournier is an asset to our organization at the IKKU and brings plenty of leadership, traditional martial arts skill and execution to this part of the country.

Fournier’s Leadership Karate Centers has Traditional Karate Programs for children, teens, and adults. You’ll find after-school programs, bullying workshops, fitness kickboxing and more available in the New England area. As well you will find Black Belt only training classes for those students that qualify for this advanced class.

For more information, class times and schedule please visit the official website for Fournier’s Leadership Karate Center at the following link

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