2017 IKKU Bokken and Iaido Clinic

The 2017 IKKU Bokken and Iaido Clinic will be hosted at the Legion of AllStars in Griffin, GA.

Soke Joseph Ruiz Iaido

Soke Jospeh Ruiz shown here demonstrating Iaido Cuts

Please join us for our annual IKKU Bokken and Iaido Clinic on April 22, 2017 in Griffin, GA. This event will be Hosted by Shihan Dai Amy Howell of the Tora Shin Karate Kai.  The IKKU Bokken and Iaido Clinic will feature Soke Joseph Ruiz, 10th Dan and Founder of the Kotosu-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate-Do System. Soke always has something good to teach us, so you don’t ever want to miss an opportunity to take part in his clinics. There will be morning and afternoon sessions including Seitei Gata and Kata.

The Sword and Bokken are true Japanese Arts. Soke Ruiz learned the art while training with his teachers in Hawaii and Japan. He continued his training in the U.S. with Soke Shogo Kuniba, 10th Dan, Seishin Kai Karate Union. This is a rare opportunity to train in a true Japanese Martial Art unlike any other.

Koga-Ryu Iaido – (The Art of the Sword)

Limited to Brown & Black Belts, Age 16 and older with permission of parent and Instructor.
Participants need to bring Sword, Hakama and Cleaning Kit, (if available).

Bokken Jitsu – (Wooden Sword)

Open to all ranks and ages. Participants need to bring Bokken and Hakama, (if available).

 Senior Instructors Include:

Joseph Ruiz, Soke, Hanshi-Sei, 10th Dan, IKKU Director & Founder

Ron Downton, Hanshi, 9th Dan, IKKU Assistant Director

Other IKKU High Dans


Clinic Times: 10am – 4pm

Evening Get Together: 6pm