2017 1st Annual IKKU High Dan Workshop

2017 1st Annual IKKU High Dan Workshop

Soke Joseph Ruiz is shown here overseeing Hanshi Ron Downton perform Bunkai.

The 2017 1st Annual IKKU High Dan Workshop took place on July 22, 2017, at the IKKU Hombu Dojo, Tora Shin Karate Kai, hosted by Hanshi Ron Downton in Social Circle, GA. There were approximately 12 attendees consisting of 6 Dojos that took advantage of this special workshop day.

This was a special invitation workshop focused on Yudansha ranked at 4th Dan and above. The purpose of this special workshop was a day of learning for those higher level dans that spend a lot of their time on the floor at IKKU events actually teaching as opposed to learning and working technique. Soke Joseph Ruiz wanted to spend time with these Yudansha to give them personal access in a small group setting for a higher level of student to teacher ratio.

The group as a whole focused on the Kata Sansu, which had been taught at a previous clinic. Some learned the kata for the first time while others reviewed and refreshed. Both the form and bunkai were reviewed and everyone received plenty of time for questions and answers on this elusive kata.

While it proved difficult to get much information about the content that was shared during the day we do know one thing. Everyone found tremendous value in the small-sized class and incredible access to Soke Ruiz and the other high dans present at the workshop. I personally look forward to the day where I’m able to participate in high dan opportunities such as this one. After all, learning from a small group of elites such as this certainly is a special privilege not offered to many.

Additional IKKU Information:

Don’t forget our next upcoming event which is the 2017 IKKU Christmas Clinic and Celebration. The event is scheduled December 2, 2017, in Dexter, GA, hosted by Suansu Karate Kai at the Estate of Kyoshi Kim Blue.

For information about joining the IKKU – International Karate Kobudo Union then please visit our IKKU Registration Page. We welcome new members to our organization and have 6-10 scheduled events each year. This will allow you direct access to Soke Joseph Ruiz, founder of the IKKU and other High Dan Instructors from the IKKU.

For a full listing of upcoming scheduled sessions please visit our Events Page. Here we showcase our upcoming Clinics, Camps and other opportunities for engagement with the IKKU.

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