2017 Kyoshinkai Annual Group Seminar

2017 Kyoshinkai Annual Group Seminar

Group Photo from the 2017 Kyoshinkai Annual Group Seminar featuring Hanshi Lenny Jordan of the KYOSHINKAN and Soke Joseph Ruiz of the International Karate Kobudo Union.

The 2017 Kyoshinkai Annual Group Seminar and festivities occurred on Saturday, September 16th, 2017 at the ATCO Center in Cartersville, GA. This event was hosted by Hanshi Lenny Jordan, Founder of the KYOSHINKAN and provided instruction for adults, children, and teens. Participants for the event covered 5 states with 13 dojos being represented and included many senior level Sensei. The group was a collection of participants and dojos from both the KYOSHINKAN and the International Karate Kobudo Union.

Multiple empty hand kata with bunkai was taught in both the morning and afternoon session. Kobudo groups were also formed in the morning hours for those seeking specific weapon expertise with the highlight being the Eku Kata, Yamashita No Eku. Hanshi Lenny Jordan ran the morning sessions empty hand Karate and Kobudo classes. Hanshi Jordan taught Shorin-Ryu empty hand kata and bunkai to the group and provided explanation and comparisons vs the traditional Shotokan style. For Kobudo, some students worked in small groups with Tonfa inside the center. For the Eku Kata, Yamashita No Eku, the class was run outside the center in the parking lot to allow for plenty of room for Eku and Bo. The Eku kata was developed by Hanshi Yamashita and Hanshi Matayoshi.

The afternoon session featured Soke Joseph Ruiz, 10th Dan and Founder of both the Kotosu-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate-Do System and the International Karate Kobudo Union.  For Soke Ruiz’s session, Neiseishi Kata or “24 Steps” was the focus. Nisheishi, which is the Chinese name of the kata, is the equivalent of the Japanese Kata Nijushiho. Soke Ruiz was able to trace Niseishi kata back to its original Chinese roots and so it is included as a 3rd Dan requirement in the IKKU. Soke Ruiz spent time teaching the formal movement of the kata as well as provide the applicable bunkai to the group at large.

Following the events of the day, the group retired to a local Pizzeria to cool off and bond with new friends. Kicking back and reflecting on the day’s events is a tradition that continues since the days of Motobu, Chibana, Mabuni, and Funakoshi. Two organizations coming together to share knowledge and friendship is what traditional karate is all about. Exposure to a style unlike your own is a way to open your mind to new ideas and techniques while giving you a fresh perspective on the arts as a whole. The great masters of the past took time to network, break bread together and even share an occasional toast. We should continue this practice and honor where our traditional martial art roots began.

That is a wrap from the 2017 Kyoshinkai Annual Group Seminar and we look forward to what collaborative events can be forged together in 2018.

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