Top Brass Present at the 2016 IKKU Kobudo Clinic

It’s rare to see this much top brass all together at one time, but it happened on Saturday, February 27 during the the 2016 2nd Annual IKKU Kobudo Clinic. With 6 Masters present representing approximately 300 yrs combined traditional martial arts experience we just had to take a second to capture the moment. It’s great to see organizations unite with the goal of sharing knowledge and exposure to the arts we all love. Traditional Martial Arts organizations that participated included the “International Karate Kobudo Union”,  “Traditional Karate Association”, “Traditional Okinawan Karate Association” and “KYOSHINKAN Kai”.


Top Brass Represented at the 2016 IKKU Kobudo Clinic:

IKKU Camp and Special Events Director – Kyoshi-Sei Larry Griffin 8th Dan

Kaicho and Founder of the Traditional Karate Association, 5 time International Karate Champion – Hanshi Ricky Adams 9th Dan

Assistant Director of the IKKU – Hanshi Ron Downton 9th Dan

Founder of the IKKU and Kotosu-Ha Shito-Ryu, Member of The World Head of Family Sokeship Council – Soke Joseph Ruiz 10th Dan

Founder and Director of KYOSHINKAN Kai – Hanshi Lenny Jordan 8th Dan

Founder of Traditional Okinawan Karate Association, Author, Issihin-Ryu Hall of Fame Member,  Gold Medalist and Hanshi of Isshin-Ryu – Don Roberts 9th Dan

IKKU - 2016 IKKU Kobudo Clinic

From L to R: Kyoshi-Sei Larry Griffin, Hanshi Ricky Adams, Hanshi Ron Downton, Soke Joseph Ruiz, Hanshi Lenny Jordan, Hanshi Don Roberts


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