IKKU Historic Promotions

It was truly a remarkable day of to kick off our 2016 IKKU Winter Camp as several IKKU Historic Promotions took place. On Saturday, January 16, 2016, Soke Joseph Ruiz started our annual winter camp off with a huge bang by promoting our top leadership in the organization. At the level of 8-9 Dan Ranks, promotions don’t occur very often. So needless to say this was a day for all the participants and recipients to remember.

A huge congratulation goes out our Executive Leadership at the IKKU. OSU!


Ron Downton was promoted to 9th Dan with the Title of Hanshi

Jenny Downton was promoted to 8th Dan with the Title of Kyoshi-Sei

Larry Griffin was promoted to 8th Dan with the Title of Kyoshi-Sei


IKKU Historic Promotions

From L to R: Hanshi Ron Downton, Soke Joseph Ruiz, and Kyoshi-Sei Larry Griffin


IKKU Historic Promotions

Soke Joseph Ruiz ties a fresh obi onto Hanshi Ron Downton

IKKU Historic Promotions

Soke Joseph Ruiz and Hanshi Ron Downton at the end of the belting ceremony

IKKU Historic Promotions

Soke Joseph Ruiz awards Kyoshi-Sei Larry Griffin and Jenny Downton with their 8th Dan Menjo

IKKU Historic Promotions

Kyoshi-Sei Jenny Downton and Kyoshi-Sei Larry Griffin after receiving their new rank and appropriate titles

Additional IKKU Information:

For information about joining the IKKU – International Karate Kobudo Union then please visit our IKKU Registration Page. We welcome new members to our organization and have 6-10 scheduled events each year. This will allow you direct access to Soke Joseph Ruiz, founder of the IKKU and other High Dan Instructors from the IKKU.

For a full listing of upcoming scheduled sessions please visit our Events Page. Here we showcase our upcoming Clinics, Camps and other opportunities for engagement with the IKKU.

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